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Interview: DM SanSevero

DM SanSevero, The Reverend D

If you can’t find an officiant for your unconventional wedding, need a temporary home for a stray animal, are experiencing a deficiency of quality metal, or just require a nice defibrillation, DonnaMarie SanSevero can probably help.  Besides being the best officiant you’ll ever book, DM is also a medic, rockstar, animal savior, and who knows what else.  All Up Together is all for highlighting people and businesses that make this world a better place, so we had a chat with DM about what she’s doing, how she got there, and how she keeps on keeping on….

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Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Welcome back!

When I was working on my demo reel I got to reminiscing about all my past projects, and for a while now I’ve wanted to recount some of my experiences.  I decided to start with what could probably be classified as my “worst” experience, although I don’t really look at it that way.  There are actually more stories from this shoot that I’m not going to put in writing here, but talk to me in person some day and I’ll tell you.  Anyway, here goes….

I remember it fondly: the 14- to 19-hour days in a dark tiny room with a sink connected directly to a backed-up septic, the 3am walks back to my cabin in freezing temperatures, the low-voltage electric current running through my body if I touched the computer equipment and a nearby metal counter at the same time.

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